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August 2016
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Our top story has the info you need to know before you get locked out of your car.
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Charlie Delgado
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Locksmith Scam Alert
Every 10 minutes, an average of 70 people lock themselves out of their car. Here's what you need to know before you or a loved one gets overcharged by...
Florida Reviews Red-Light Camera Law
The Third District Court of Appeal took a look at the Red-Light camera issue and this is what they decided...
A Clever Way to Vacuum Tight Spots
If you've ever been frustrated trying to vacuum those hard-to-reach spots in your car, this quick tip is for you.
Our Summer Clearance Event is Here
Summer is the perfect season to get your hands on a new Honda during the Honda Summer Clearance Event.
The Best Reason to Get Pulled Over
If you happen to be driving through Halifax, Virginia this summer, make sure you aren't violating vehicle code 1739. Otherwise...
A Great Way to Avoid Traffic
Rather than sitting in traffic, how about driving over it? China's new Transit Elevated Bus is special because it can...
Honda Debuted Custom-Designed Sonic Civic at Comic-Con
To celebrate the legendary video game character, "Sonic the Hedgehog," SEGA had...
The Perfect Gift for the College Bound
Students will soon be packing up their cars and heading off to college. Here's a great...